Five Creative Halloween Makeup Tutorials


Halloween is just around the corner! Is your costume ready? Regardless of your Halloween costume budget, we can all agree that great makeup takes any costume to the next level. No time or budget for an elaborate costume? No worries, with crazy makeup, your costume can still stand out! Check out these five makeup tutorials for tips and ideas for the best Halloween makeup around.

1. Easy Spider Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Tutorial By: Tina Halada

If you suffer from arachnophobia, this look may not be for you. If you are someone who shrugs off spiders, this may be perfect for a last minute costume idea. You can simply pair this Halloween look with a black top and pants for a complete spider costume. Tina does an amazing job with this tutorial, I hate spiders and even I want to try this!

Creepy, crawly, and cute!


2. Bat Girl Eye Makeup Tutorial

Tutorial By: NikkieTutorials

Ruby Rose isn’t the only bat girl! You, too, can be the queen of bats with eye make up fit for the caped crusader, herself. This is another style that can be matched with a simple costume for a low key, high impact Halloween look. Nikki does some of the best tutorials on YouTube and she doesn’t disappoint with this one.

Better, badder, bat-crazy hot!


3. Pop Art / Comic Book Makeup Tutorial

Tutorial By: Claire Dim

The best thing about pop art/comic book makeup is that it is relatively easy to do and, like all of our Halloween looks, can be the focus of your costume. Pair this unique makeup look with a bright blue or black wig and a vintage dress. This look also looks very cool on men, here is a link to a male version of this look.

Pop art baby!


4. Cat Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Tutorial By: Bailey Van Der Veen

At 33, I’ve been a cat for Halloween approximately 13 times. The great thing about a cat costume, is the simplicity. Every store that sells Halloween costumes has a cat ear/tail set. All you need after that is kitty appropriate clothing and this killer makeup look.

Marvelous, memorable, meow!


5. Easy Skull Makeup Tutorial

Tutorial By: cflowermakeup

This is the scariest tutorial on the list. This look goes great with a skeleton body suit or even an all black ensemble. This tutorial is fun ad easy to follow, put your own spin on it, and see where your creativity takes you! Keep it modest or go for an edgier, sexier style, it’s all up to you!

Scary, spooky and spectacular!

cartoon skull