The Hue of You,

It seems like almost every brand are leaning towards shampoos that color safe in between washes and keeping your color maintained. These tend to come in colors red, gold, purple, silver, blue, or vibrant colors too. The two that I want to talk about today specifically Purple(Violet) and Blue(Silver). So, we recently received the newest shipment of “SERIEEXPERT Magniesium Acetate Silver Shampoo’, which is a neutralizing shampoo. This shampoo is really recommended for grey or white hair. Purple or violet shampoos works best at cancelling out warm tones. What stylist do when they get a new product is to try it! We love opening that product and smelling those beautiful fragrances. After a little label reading we try it out! questions we ask ourselves as stylists, does it work, what’s the consistency use, and what is the longevity of the product? Luckily for you, this is all stuff stylist do for you at Distinctions Salon!

Their are people actually having to come into our salon to remove a “color shampoo”, which makes your bottle of shampoo into pricey and lengthy removal appointment. Some scenario can be avoided by educating the client, these shampoos are HIGHLY pigmented. Ask yourself:

. 1) Were you told that you can actually mix two shampoos the blue or purple to dilute this product to avoid over deposit the pigment?

.2) Were you ever cautioned to avoid porous areas or the hair?

.3) The biggest misconception of color shampoos is that it will actually shift bands of color preexisting in the hair, or that it will magically cancel out “orange”. This is why it is important to always to get a professional opinion.

What the Distinctions Team did for you was to actually test all the Purple(Violet) or Blue(Silver) shampoos to show you truly what you are paying for. We also tested on 8 different shampoos on all the same hair stands. We used Fanola Anti-Yellow Shampoo, SERIEEXPERT Silver, Viral  Silver Shampoo, Formula 18 Purple Shampoo.  The strands of hair were emulsified and shampooed for 5 minues and, also at 15 minutes. The running was very close, we will attach the video and some pictures as well of our . The Distinctions Team decided to call it a tie between two products, however, we also learned by using the products more you’ll get a better result. What that means for you is don’t throw out these products for not seeing immediate results. It can take actually take up to 10-15 shampoos to deposit to color. Also, we didn’t see much difference in leaving the product in for 15 minutes versus 5 minutes.