Reaching New Heights With Lash Extensions

What To Expect With This Growing Trend

Eye Lashes

Lash extensions… we have all heard of them, seen them, and possibly envied them on social media. Here at Distinctions Salon, we are proud to offer this popular service to our clients. Surely if you have googled or scrolled through a few social media posts, you’ve wondered what goes into making those lashes full. Maybe they use a laser or perhaps a magic growth potion? No artificial magic goes into the application, other than the magic of a steady hand and plenty of patience.

Personally having gone through the process to achieve my own lash dreams, it is a success! Being a natural blonde, my eyelashes are very light, causing me to become a dedicated mascara fanatic. Anytime they come out with a new “high volume” “lash blast” mascara I run to the store to grab some. Now, I have a drawer of useless mascaras I never plan on using again. Lash extensions have eliminated the need for using mascara! Having lash extensions reduced my daily makeup routine, given me confidence, and given me compliments every day. Here’s my own account of what to expect during the lash extension application, shedding light on this great service!

Before & After:

Professional Products, Professional Quality

First, decide what style of lashes to use. There are special occasion styles with more volume, medium length, and smaller more subtle lashes. Distinctions offers lashes by Bella, NaturaLash, and Royal Volume, all professional brands which come in an array of styles. I personally chose NaturaLash for a natural every day look. The synthetic lashes are applied using medical grade adhesive, free of odors, chemicals, and harmful ingredients.

Important Information

Before your appointment you make sure to have your eyes clean and free of any makeup, because any makeup can create weak bonds. During the adhesion phase, you must lay comfortably still, with your eyes closed for the whole process. Because if your eye opens, it can be uncomfortable to get glue in your eye. Finally, the bottom lashes will be taped down to ensure they don’t come into contact with your top lashes, because extensions aren’t attached to your bottom lash line.


Best Habits to Follow With Extensions

Lastly, patience is key with the full set application, because it can take as long as 2 hours. Fills are recommended every 2-3 weeks to see a reduction in cost and time. Waiting too long between fills can make lashes look choppy or uneven due to lashes falling out. Naturally you will lose 1-5 lashes a day without even noticing, so it’s best to care for the extensions as directed.

Furthermore, here are some helpful hints:

Clean your extensions daily using gentle oil-free cleaning products because it will extend the life of your lash extensions

Don’t rub or tug at the lashes because this can cause damage to your eyes and lash extensions

Do not use a lash curler with your lashes

Finding a beauty professional who is skilled in their craft with these lashes is key to success and beautiful, full, natural looking lash extensions.

We charge between $100-$160 for a full set of lashes and our fills range from $40+.

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