Summer time and spring are so exciting for hair trends. With this heat we are ready to get into our cute summer clothes and remember our hair is your best accessory! As the weather changes it may be time to start thinking about changing up your hair color too. Blondes love summer and your favorite platinum blonde hair may be wanting to make a comeback!

If you are looking to change with the season but not wanting to quite commit to platinum blonde, luckily for you there are so many different trends that one will likely appeal to you!, Come in to Distinctions Salon and and we can help you with giving you the best look that works with the change of the season and address your specific hair coloring need you may need.

In case you are a little skeptical of which colors that would work the best for you, we will go over some of the best choices in this blog! Read on to learn more about the perfect hair colors for summer. Here are some tips to helps ease your mind into the summer time mind frame and help you achieve your favorite look.

The Lighter is Always Better

Summer and springtime are the perfect time to lighten your hair up. Whether you want to add lighter highlights tones are always come in some level and toning the hair actually is like a deep conditioning treatment. You leave the salon with soft, silky, and SHINY (which all of us blondes are missing during these hot months!).

Balayage is a very popular trend right now which encompasses both looks. Darker roots and fades out to lighter on the ends. Depending on how much contrast you want achieve. We could help find a perfect match, and what’s realistic for you and your hair type when you come in to Distinctions Salon. Even sometimes switching the tone of your blonde hair color can really make a big, but subtle change.

Time to Grow It Out

If your hair is natural blonde and you want to not make any change then let it grow out and don’t worry so much about the roots While you may not be used to this look, it is a huge trend and style now. Some people get their hair colored with your roots remaining darker. Also, this look is simple color that doesn’t require the frequency of typical touch ups.

Adding Some Fun Color

This is a great time to go bold with a unique some festive colors. Vivid colors and bright colors aren’t going anywhere this summer! What’s amazing about these colors is the fact they do not damage the hair. You can completely customize these colors to a client’s palate or what’s realistic for the client.

Summer colors are usually lighters, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t rock just about color you want. If you have the confidence own it, Reds, Coppers, and Rose golds do still make a beautiful statement!

This is the perfect time to change up your look! Come into Distinctions Salon to get your hair colored and ready for summertime! Look through our services we provide and make and appointment today! You now are one step closer to make your hair goals a reality!