The Secret to Beauty

What is the Secret to your Beauty and should we keep beauty secrets a secret? As probably all our moms use to say, “It’s Not Nice to Keep Secrets”. Distinctions Salon believes in sharing, and it is our strongly held belief, that all women and men want to proudly share the techniques, products and services which assisted them in becoming the Envy of most.

Finding the right combination of techniques, products and services, typically is the foundation of those tightly held secrets. Survey after survey have revealed, most women on average have at least $500 dollars of unused products under their sinks, cabinets or shower floors. All in pursuit of finding the right combination. Given that research tells us the shelf life for such beauty or skin products is somewhere between 1-5 years, depending on the product, it doesn’t make sense to accumulate volumes of unused products and waste Hard  Earned Dollar$ in the process.

How many times have you tried the secrets of someone else, only to find it didn’t work for you. Well, here is a secret you can rely on. “The Secret to Your Beauty Is You”. Your Beauty which was learned, refined and pass down through your ancestry. Encompassing the Physical, Nutritional and Structural characteristics from those who came before you, and Establishing Your Personalized Beauty to be Distinctively Your Own. Those are the elements companion-ed with techniques, products and services which determines the right combination for you and ultimately, your Beauty Secret. So, there is no need for Secrets. Your Beauty Secret is Distinctively your own.

Lately, with YouTube tutorials popping up everywhere, it’s very difficult to know exactly what to trust. These videos are great for reference, or to get ideas, but they are mainly produced by unlicensed individuals. You can’t be sure the result will be conducive with the characteristics of your hair….

With our GAPs™ system, we proudly want to share our professional advice linked in with technology, which is Ultimately Amazing! When Passion and Technology come together the outcome is our GAPS™ system. We truly want to ensure that every client, finds their own unique Beauty Secrets, and displays them with the pride and confidence they cannot be replicated because it is Distinctively you.